Elope in New England

Elopement photography encompasses not just the way you looked on your day or the places you went to - it captures the essence of your spirit and the mood of your wedding. When you elope in New England, you have so many options on how to have your wedding day and amazing locations that you could get married.

When you choose to elope, you and your partner are able to express yourselves freely on your wedding day, indulge in an epic experience or adventure, and keep your mind on what really matters the most to you - your love for each other.

Scroll on to learn more about how to elope in New England and get inspired for your elopement experience. 

How to elope in New England

Step 1. Pick a date or range of dates that you want to get married. 

Step 2. Hire your elopement photographer!

As an intimate wedding and elopement photographer, I will help you decide on the perfect timeline for your wedding day that matches your priorities for how you want to get married

Step 3. Plan your wedding with your elopement photographer!

I'm not just your photographer - I'm also your planner, vendor connection, point person, location scout, style & design consultant... and most importantly, I am 100% on your team celebrating & validating this choice and making your dream elopement come true. 

Step 4. Hire your officiant. 

As an elopement photographer, I am also ordained so that I can perform marriages for my eloping couples. You could also hire an dedicated officiant, but be aware that Maine, Massachusetts and New Hampshire have specific registration requirements for your officiant.

Step 5. Get Married!

Live your wedding day through a bespoke wedding experience and relive the magic every time you look through your elopement photos!

Your Bespoke Elopement Experience

I offer several elopement packages for New England, starting at $3000. I like to help couples choose the option that's best suited to the vision and priorities for their wedding day. All of my travel is covered and there are no additional fees for any state in New England.  

Let's get started on your elopement adventure!