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Ideas for your Wedding Photos

Once your engagement session or wedding is over, then what? You will have an online gallery packed full of images. Perhaps you want to use some of your engagement photos for Save-the-Dates or post-wedding Thank You cards. Maybe you want to dedicate a wall in your home to some of the memorable moments and stunning portraits from your wedding day.  

Below you'll find some of my favorite ideas for how to use your images with the accompanying current price points for ordering. Download my complete Ideas for Your Images Guide to see the most up-to-date product pricing and collection offerings. 

Heirloom Albums

Commemorate the day with an heirloom you will treasure for years to come. Wedding albums are a wonderful way to preserve and display images that you want to view and share over and over again without having to endlessly scroll through a phone's history to find them. Albums also make wonderful gifts for parents who worked really hard to help you become the fabulous person you are. It makes it really easy for them to show all of their friends how beautiful your day was and exclaim about how much they love you and your new spouse. #truestory

Albums pricing begins at $325 and price varies depending on options for size, cover and number of pages.  

All albums feature lay-flat pages, so your images can beautifully unfold

in a seamless panoramic story. 

Canvas Wall Art

I truly believe that the images I create with you on your wedding day are works of art. Each canvas is a high-quality, archival art-object that is ready to display with gallery-wrapped edges. The canvas used is a fine-texture, allowing for printing of the even the finest detail in crisp accuracy. And as with all the printed products I offer, these canvases are printed with high-quality inks and printing techniques for beautiful color accuracy and image sharpness. Canvases are perfect for creating a bold impact with a large image and pricing starts at $160.

Luxurious Archival Prints

I love when my clients get their photos printed, and that's mostly because I love the print quality so much that I'm able to obtain on their behalf as a professional. No cheap-feeling drugstore prints here! The paper used is a top-notch lustre, reducing glare and shine while still enabling deep, rich colors. The printing techniques create ultra-fine details with optimum ink saturation. And of course, when you order through me, your colors are going to be as accurate as you see on the screen because my monitors are calibrated to the printing house I use. Prints range from 4x6" to 12x12" and prices vary from $4-15 depending on size. 

Gift Registry Service

Help your guests give you a meaningful heirloom gift that you will treasure forever. Read on to learn about how it works!

I am so happy to offer gift registry services for my clients through Album Registry. This service was designed by photographers for photographers and their clients to address the growing issue of how to pay for the heirlooms clients want at the prices photographers need to charge in order to maintain a sustainable business. Beautifully crafted albums and print products are expensive, and often that cost coupled with the hectic life we all lead often lends itself to the images from a wedding sitting on a hard drive somewhere, only to be looked at on a screen. 

Then of course there is the dilemma guests have of getting you a gift that is more personal and meaningful than a check but just as useful and significant to you, the recipient. In the past, many couples were building their lives and homes together after their wedding, so it was more clear what a good wedding gift could be. Now, the waters are murkier in that regard. Many couples have been living together and built a home with most of the items they want in a style they love, making giving a blender or silverware set a bit of a passé move for a gift giver. 

Enter Album Registry. Together, we create a registry with a monetary goal for an album or wall art collection, and your guests can contribute toward it in bite-sized amounts. You will receive an heirloom to treasure for years to come and your guests will have the piece of mind knowing they gave you more than just a cash gift; they gave you the gift of a gorgeous display of your memories.