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I'M A MOM, so I definitely understand the joy of watching the small wonder that is your child growing up. My daughter is five years old now (what?!😲) and each milestone and achievement has been a new, exciting challenge and frustration. Luckily for me, I've gotten to document so much of it. The photo you see here is one of my favorites of my daughter and her father. My daughter's sense of creativity is boundless, so getting to capture the two of them working together on a drawing activity toy at the beautiful setting of my parent's house was really special for me. 

Unluckily for me, I've always been the one behind the lens. Which is why I feel it's so important for families to invest in having professional family photos taken as regularly as they can. My daughter doesn't look like this anymore, she's bigger, her hair has changed and she tends to look less innocently curious and is now more mischievously curious. She doesn't play with toys like this anymore. This moment in her life has passed, and I wasn't seen anywhere in it.

Lifestyle Newborn Photography in Connecticut

Lifestyle newborn photography sessions are so important because they document those first days of your new family. Whether this is your first child or a new addition, this is an important milestone as a family! When I come in for your lifestyle session, I take some time to document the beauty in the mundane activities that bring you joy: feeding your new baby, snuggling them, marveling in all their adorable features that make them unique. The special relationships between new parents and their baby are beautiful, and getting to capture those first days of magic in the home is priceless. 

The best part about a lifestyle session? No need to worry about packing up baby and trekking off somewhere with what feels like your entire life in tow only days after giving birth. I come to you in the comfort of your own home. I provide a loose outline of what we'll hope to accomplish during the session, but otherwise we allow baby to be in charge and I'm there as an observer of your new family dynamic. Lifestyle newborn photography sessions start at $700 and come with a full gallery of images to download and share. 

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I also offer outdoor family portrait sessions which are perfect for documenting your family year after year. We'll do a mix of posed and candid photos while exploring a location which reflects your family's personal style. Family sessions range from $450 to $750 depending on the package you choose. Just fill out the contact form above and we can get started on capturing your memories today!