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Updated: Jan 14, 2020

2019 was a roller-coaster year for me, both professionally and personally. There were some pretty deep lows and some EPIC highs in both areas. But as usual I'm here to be an optimist and overall 2019 was a great year, even if it took me a little while to see it. I'm always grateful for my fantastic clients that manage to work their ways into my heart and help give me a new perspective on my life and business, and of course allow me to do something that I love every day; so THANK YOU! Here's a look back on some of the things that made it a year worth remembering.


In 2019 I had nine engagement sessions and got to fulfill a few engagement session dreams! I had a snowy winter session, hiked up to Heublein Tower, and finally got my Dirty Dancing lift!

I got to visit some favorite regular locations as well as be introduced to new locations that are favorite spots of my clients. Though you should totally know that I still have a super secret spot in Northwest CT that I'm waiting for the perfect adventurers to go to with me. 😉

Probably the most fun thing for me was that I went to Valley Falls three different times this year and got to really explore and stretch the capabilities of that location.


I had seventeen weddings in 2019, which is about half of the year previous. This was both a blessing and a curse. It meant I got to spend a lot more time focusing on my booked clients and providing an exceptional service, but I also wasn't prepared for some of the anxiety a more empty calendar left me feeling. I like to be a busy bee! In the end though, I've been able to realize that less really is more (something I used to tell artists all the time!) and it will be better for me and my clients for me to keep a wedding calendar around 20 weddings per year.

The great thing about my 2019 wedding season was all the firsts I got to experience. This year I photographed my first same-sex wedding, which I had been waiting to do FOREVER. I had worked with LGBTQ couples before for couple's sessions and other events, but never a wedding so I was really excited to finally do that! I also had two Jewish-infused ceremonies this year, which was pretty cool. I had only ever witnessed and photographed my friend's Jewish ceremony many years ago in Florida and I had forgotten how beautiful the rituals can be. Another first was like a double-whammy: a two-day wedding with one day at a venue that required me to employ a complex lighting technique. So now I have a fancy new lighting set-up and some skills to go with it for more complicated venue lighting needs. I also got to photograph at a lot of really awesome new venues, one of which was the top of a mountain, and work with some incredibly talented vendors.


2019 was also a big year for client babies! Some of my brides from this year were pregnant at the time of their wedding and gave birth a few months later. And a whole bunch of my 2018 brides were pregnant and gave birth this year! They pretty much all welcomed their babies within the same 10 weeks of each other, too, so my Instagram feed was like "Baby, Baby, Baby, Dog, Baby!" If I wasn't so sure I was #oneanddone y'all would be giving me baby fever! So to all my clients who welcomed a little one to the family this year, congratulations & welcome to parenthood!

I want to just say again a huge thank you to all of my clients for a wonderful 2019! I'm so pumped for 2020 my heart could explode!

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