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Updated: Apr 1

This gorgeous springtime wedding at Anthony's Lake Club Catering in Danbury, CT was full of emotions, symbolism, and tons of dancing!

Fun couple with matching tattoos posing for portraits on their wedding day in Connecticut

Miranda and Cody are definitely what I would describe as "my people" and their wedding was one where I felt more like family and less like a vendor. From the get-go, Miranda & Cody were just chill people who were like, "we want to have fun on our wedding day and for the photos to reflect that." The whole theme of the day really was about just relaxing, enjoying time with family and friends in a beautiful environment and celebrating love.

The entire event took place at Anthony's Lake Club Catering, and we started the day in their gorgeous bridal suite for some images of Miranda's details and her and her ladies getting ready. Miranda had a few extra special details for her day, like the portraits of passed-away loved ones tied around her bouquet and the ring she borrowed from her mom that she and her brothers made as a gift that featured all their birthstones (so it was borrowed and blue!). One thing was especially touching was the letter Miranda wrote to her brother Alex for him to read before he walked her down the aisle. These two siblings are especially close and it was kind of a big deal for Alex to let another man *officially* be responsible for his sister.

bridal details and wedding dress CT wedding photography

We opted not to do a first look with these two and Cody was definitely keeping it cool while mingling with the guests arriving outside for the ceremony, but inside Miranda was a bit of a ball of nerves anxious to get outside and marry her man!

Connecticut bride getting ready on her wedding day

Finally it was time for the big moment! Their ceremony was held outside in gorgeous spring weather in front of the gazebo in the garden at ALC. It was a very short and simple ceremony and my favorite part was when they walked back down the aisle at the end to a song from Grease! talk about celebrating! P.S. I fully support more grooms wearing all black suits, and clearly so does Miranda. Look at the smoldering stare she's giving Cody!

wedding at Anthony's Lake Club in Danbury CT

After the ceremony, it was portrait time! One of the things I loved about working with Miranda & Cody was how open they are to creativity and doing something a little different. So it was really important to them to get photos of their matching tattoos (featured at the start of this post). And when I said I was going to throw the veil over them and me and they should make out or something they were not only cool with that, Cody basically took "or something" to mean eat the make-up off Miranda's face for a super fun variation of the romantic veil photos I usually take.

Bride and Groom Portraits at Anthony's Lake Club in Danbury CT

They were even really good sports a little later in the evening when there was a light drizzle for some fun umbrella shots under the wild skies!

Rainy Wedding Portraits at Anthony's Lake Club in Danbury CT

And of course their wedding party photos were super fun too! Miranda and her bridesmaids showed off some awesome dance moves and Cody and his groomsmen were totally on board for some unironic cool-guy poses. I'm 1000% in love with this whole group of people and I wish they could just be my wedding posse everywhere because they had me cracking up the whole night!

CT Wedding Photographer Bridal Party Portraits

Once picture time was over, it was party time and these guys really know how to party! I mean seriously there were people dancing on fire all night!

But, my two favorite moments of the reception were the cake cutting and the family dances. For the cake cutting, Miranda secretly got Cody a special ice-cream cupcake because he doesn't like cake and she fed him that after they cut their big cake, and I just thought that was super sweet!

For the family dances, Miranda shared a song with her two brothers and surprised her mom with a song just for her! Then toward the end of Cody's song with his mom, he invited Miranda's mom out for the three of them to dance together because she's also become such a big part of his life. NO DRY EYES! I'm seriously getting a little teary just remembering the moment to write about it.

I honestly wish that I could share every photo from this wedding, but I won't because that would take FOREVER and I could tell a story about each of them. I just had to share the magic from these two and their day because that's what it is to me. ❤

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