Five Tips for Planning Your Wedding During Coronavirus

Updated: Dec 31, 2020

I was a guest on one of Brehant Creations' IG Lives where we were talking about Covid-19 and weddings, and I wanted to share some of the great advice she was doling out when it comes to planning your weddings during the pandemic.

leafy champagne wall with wooden "cheers" cutout

1. Get Your Plan B in Place

Until we're on the far side of this pandemic, you need to be on a Plan B (C & D) like white on rice. Even if you end up not needing to use it, it will be a huge stress relief knowing that you've got this ready to execute if you do need it. Try to coordinate a "soft hold" on a back-up date with your venue and other vendors as you get closer to your wedding date if it looks like restrictions won't be lifted in time. When looking at new dates, be open to dates that aren’t Saturdays. I know this sounds kind of crazy but believe it or not, if someone really want to come to your wedding, they don’t care if it’s a Saturday, Sunday, or Wednesday: they’ll be there. Another option is to adjust your guest count. I recommend making multiple tiers in groups of 10, 25, 50 and 75 guests (don't forget to include your essential vendors in the headcount since the state doesn't consider them separate from guests!)

bride and groom at a lush floral-covered sweetheart table at Harkness Memorial Park in Waterford CT

2. Figure out your postponement deadline

Ask all your vendors when their "need to know" date is for cancellation/postponement of the original date. Every vendor has a timeline of things that they need to order/do X amount of days in advance of your wedding, so be sure to find out when the point of no return is for each of your vendors so that you're making the decision in time and not wasting your vendors' time or money (and by extension, yours).

luxury wedding table setting with lots of lush greenery

3. What's Up with your invitations?

If you've already sent out invitations, consider sending out e-vites to update your guests on the new date (there are some really cute and clever designs floating around) or just a simple note to check your wedding website. If you haven’t yet ordered your invitations, consider ordering them but leaving the date blank so that you can have a calligrapher write it in once the date is fixed.

4. Don't wait if you have a long engagement

Couples planning for 2021 and beyond should not stop planning. If you’ve got your eyes on a venue or vendor you love, now is not the time to sit and wait on securing them for the date you want. Because a lot of couples are having to postpone their weddings, this means that many are going to be filling up 2021 dates fast and there will be less options available for the newly engaged. If you want the vendor team of your dreams, get them lined up right now before their dates are filled by postponements.

bride and groom in front of triangular floral and macrame wedding arch at Harkness Memorial park in Waterford CT

5. Always always always have wedding insurance

There are two kinds to have: liability and wedding cancellation insurance and you can get them from websites you find through a Google search for wedding insurance or your homeowner’s insurance. At this point, Covid-19 cancellations are not covered by new policies, but it’s still so important to have these coverages for the myriad other reasons because you never know what could happen.

6. Bonus Tip - Hire a Planner

If this all seems really overwhelming, this is exactly why you should get a planner on your wedding team. Dealing with all this is exactly why you hire them. You pay them to come up with and coordinate Plan Bs. Their whole job is managing and reducing your wedding planning stress. They shouldn't be called Wedding Planners - they should be called Wedding Zen Masters.

All the images on this blog post came from a styled photoshoot put together by the lovely Sarah, Wedding Zen Master of Brehant Creations. Other amazing vendors include:

Concept: Chelsea Eliza Events

Florist & Rentals: RCP Events

Rentals: Always Styled Events

Gowns: Jacqueline Bridal Kouture

Stationery: Letters by Lash

Cake: Curvys CT

Macrame: Le Petit Knot

Dog Coordinator: For the Love of Paws

Hair & Makeup: Transcendent Makeup

Tux: Generation Tux

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