Ally & Chris' Super-Fun Wintery Engagement Photos | Vernon CT

Updated: Jan 23, 2020

So, if you read my 2019 Season Review post then you know I went to Valley Falls State Park in Vernon a lot this year. It's quickly becoming my number one favorite photography location in Connecticut. It's so versatile: the water features, the trails, the fields, the little Christmas tree farm, and it looks beautiful year round. So when Ally and Chris needed to schedule their engagement session with me late in the season and somewhere in Northern CT, I was like, "Yo, I got you."

Couple posing and kissing in front of a waterfall for their engagement photography session at Valley Falls State Park in Vernon Connecticut. They are both wearing cream-colored sweaters.

We started off our session at the feature the park is named for, the waterfall leading from the reservoir to the stream. It's so funny sometimes how you can never meet a person and feel like you know them so well. Their engagement session was the first time that I got to meet Ally & Chris in person. Our consultation was done via Skype because of where they live in Massachusetts and then it was ages before we could finally get an engagement session on the books. But finally in mid-November we made it happen and it was like greeting old friends. I usually spend a little bit of time warming up my couples with what I call "starter photos" that get them feeling comfortable in front of me and relaxed, but these two were READY.

couple posing and laughing for the engagement portraits at Valley Falls in Vernon CT

And it was not long before the entire session turned into a non-stop laugh-fest. Like, seriously I was having a hard time keeping myself on track because I was having so much fun. All I wanted to do was take pictures of these two cracking jokes and then cracking up because it was just So. Stinkin. Cute! But it's not hard for a couple like them to be that way; they've been together for nine years so they can just look at each other and telepathically tell a joke. But I managed to pull myself together and get some of my gorgeous romantic photos and conventional portraits for them, too.

couple posing and kissing for their engagement portraits at Valley Falls in Vernon CT

What was really cool about this particular session was that we had an opportunity to go to a completely different part of the park than I had been with any other couple. I end up going to a lot of the same locations multiple times, so it's always nice to be able to see a new aspect of a familiar place. At the top of one of the trails is a biking path that I had no idea even existed.

couple kissing in a tall grass field for their engagement portraits at Valley Falls in Vernon CT

Did I mention how ready these two were for photos? I mean, look at how amazing they look here! It was right about the time that we were in the field that I had this moment like, "I'm so freaking glad that I am getting to work with these people!" And not just Ally & Chris, but so many of my amazing clients. I'm at a point in my business where it feels like each one of my clients could be one of my close friends and that's f*ing awesome! Which brings me to how cool it was that amongst all the laughter at Ally & Chris' session we managed to create inside jokes and I turned them on to one of my favorite TV shows (it's The Dragon Prince on Netflix and you should all watch it or at least this spoof commercial I'm linking specifically for you, Ally 🤣).

engagement ring detail and a cute couple kissing among christmas trees for their engagement portraits at Valley Falls in Vernon CT

We ended our session at the adorable little tree farm. Chris and Ally continued to be freaking cute without needing really any direction from me and I took one of the best ring shots of my life (or at least it's one of my favorites because it's a winter one, lol).

I normally go to Valley Falls in the fall and winter, but it looks like I might be headed there for an early spring session this year so I can't wait to see the site is during that time of year.

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