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Sometimes there's a wedding that when you think back on it you cannot help but grin from ear to ear. For me, Chau & Nick's wedding at Glastonbury Hills Country Club was definitely one of those. There were so many unique touches that spoke to their personalities and interests, and these two, along with their friends and family, were some of the kindest and funniest people I've had the pleasure of working with. Nick's mom seriously made me feel like I was as valued as family and that's something I will never forget.

Glastonbury Hills Country Club Wedding Wedding Couple Portrait

We started our day at Holy Angels Catholic Church in Meriden. This church is so beautiful, and also really cool. The entire sanctuary is pitched so that each row of seating can have a good view of what's happening at the altar, And there are multiple aisles leading down to the altar. The ceremony mass itself was filled with a lot of the things you would usually expect to be part of a ceremony, but of course Chau and Nick put their own little spin on things. For starters, Nick surprised everyone by reciting his vows to Chau in English and Vietnamese so that Chau's parents would be able to understand them (I'm not crying, you're crying!). Truth: we were all crying and Chau turned those tears to laughter by stealing Nick's pocket square to wipe away her tears.

In keeping with their fun, lighthearted personalities, Chau opted to stick her tongue out and lick Nick for their first kiss as man and wife. We all busted out in laughter at that, and then cheered them as Chau showed off her best Beyoncé impression walking back up the aisle to show off her gorgeous Cartier Trinity ring.

After the ceremony, we made our way to the gorgeous Glastonbury Hills Country Club. Seriously, look at how beautiful this place is. Chau and Nick had all sorts of special details decorating the place that spoke to their personalities and interests. The tables were decorated with beautiful lace lanterns to pay homage to Chau's Vietnamese heritage and there were many map-themed details to illustrate this couple's love of travel. I especially loved the personalized map they used for a guest book. My favorite personal touch was the handcrafted corn-hole game on the front lawn that one of Nick's groomsmen created and personalized himself!

When we arrived at Glastonbury Hills, the wedding party and I got right to work... having a blast, that is! We played a little corn-hole, we drank some wine, and we got super silly. Full confession, I may have said "Ladies, toss those bouquets in the air!" and they all thought I meant for real. And then Chau fell over from losing her balance and laughing hysterically. Totally worth it. And Nick's mixed-gender side of the wedding party 100% nailed it when I asked them to "do something ridiculous." My favorite thing about the wedding party photos was when I asked to do a bouquet group shot and Chau was like, "Wait, lemme get my wine in there."

Once the super-fun time with the wedding party was finished, it was time to explore the grounds for some romantic photos with just Chau and Nick. Glastonbury Hills has some gorgeous landscaping surrounding their golf course and a really cute gazebo right outside their main building that overlooks their gold course and the town of Glastonbury.

After picture time, it was party time! Chau and Nick had a lot of firsts for me at their reception. One of the Vietnamese wedding traditions they honored was to give a toast with both their sets of parents at each table individually instead of giving one large toast with everyone at once. Honestly, I think this is 100% the way to go because part of what you are supposed to do as the wedding couple is greet all your guests anyway, so why not make it super fun by toasting with all of them in a more personal way? Another thing we did was play a musical-chairs-style scavenger hunt with the wedding party that was legit hilarious start to end. Not only was everyone running around like crazy, but at one point the hunt was to "find something Vietnamese" and for real 50% of the wedding party brought back a PERSON while the other 50% brought back a centerpiece. And of course there was epic dancing all night long!

I was and continue to be so inspired by the joy and unique personal touches of Chau and Nick's wedding and I wish them all the happiness in the world as they continue their new lives together.

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