MGM Springfield Casino Pictures | Christine & Brett

When Christine told me that she and Brett wanted to have their photos somewhere different, I was not prepared for my level of "wooooooo!" at the next part of her sentence. She casually suggested an arcade or pictures at the MGM Casino in Springfield, and I legit made everyone in my parent's kitchen stop what they were doing so I could process this awesomeness.

couple in front of the MGM Springfield postcard mural

First off, I knew I wanted to do them at the MGM, because that really IS a different kind of location than even an arcade or bowling alley. But I immediately was like "Is that even possible?!" I know that photography policies for pictures in casinos can be really strict, so before I even responded to Christine's email suggestions I was on the phone with MGM Springfield's security department and then the Sr. Executive Assistant explaining, in detail, what I wanted to do for pictures at the casino and in the hotel.

couple kissing outside MGM Springfield Casino for engagement pictures

Turns out that in order to have photography of any kind in the casino, it needs to be cleared with the state's gaming commission and then my clients and I would be escorted around by a security officer. However, it is a corporate policy of MGM to not allow any photos at all on the casino floor, so we instead spent our time exploring the hotel and other buildings and grounds of the MGM complex.

We started in the hotel lobby, which is arguably my favorite place of the MGM Springfield complex. They have tons of unique furniture and lighting pieces, as well as a unique library. And even though we couldn't take any photos of the casino floor, we were able to get some sparkly bokeh lights near their spiral staircase.

So, another really cool thing about MGM Springfield's hotel lobby is that is is set up for table games and has some vintage board games as part of the décor. So naturally I set up the chess board for Christine and Brett to play a little.

Once we were finished inside the hotel lobby, we decided to go outside and explore the plaza. MGM Springfield has the most amazing art-bench that made for some cool photo ops.

We were also able to get some beautiful photos incorporating the armory, courtesy of security allowing us on to the terrace that overlooks the plaza.

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