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Updated: Feb 11

Planning a micro-wedding or elopement in New England can be truly magical! Connecticut has many fabulous locations to take advantage of for scenic beauty and the intimacy that these types of weddings provide.

Elopements vs Micro-Weddings: What's the difference?

It was recently asked in one of my professional groups if "micro-wedding" was just a fancy word for us to charge more for elopement services. The responses to that question varied wildly and in some cases quite hilariously, so I figure it's worth exploring here.

Elopements: Conventionally, an elopement is when the couple would get married secretly, just the two of them, and often at a destination. Now elopements can often include the couple's closest family, like parents and sometimes siblings or grandparents. Usually the elopement will consist of the ceremony followed by the couple (and perhaps their limited guests) exploring a unique location or doing a fun activity that is not traditionally available for weddings, making for some unique photo opportunities.

Micro-Wedding: Micro-weddings often have most of the same elements of a traditional wedding day, but with slight adjustments and a much smaller guest count. Micro-weddings will have 15-40 guests, usually consisting of the couple's family and a few close friends. The ceremony is often followed by a few photos and an intimate dinner in lieu of the typical dinner & dancing reception of larger weddings.

So Which One Is Right For You?

Probably when you were reading the difference between the two of them one of them immediately reached out to your heart and you said "Yes! That's exactly the vibe I want for my day!" If getting married and hiking up a tall mountain in the same day sounds like your jam, then an elopement is your bread. 😉 If you and your future spouse can't imagine yourself getting married without your families and small group of best friends in attendance, then a micro-wedding might be in order for you.

The only thing I know for sure is that the post-2020 world is fundamentally different and I think all couples everywhere should seriously consider both of these options as viable ways to move forward when planning their weddings instead of the larger 75+ headcount weddings. Intimate weddings like micro-weddings have always been a love of mine and I'm personally excited at the prospect that more of them might be on the horizon for me.

Where to have your elopement

Really, anywhere you want!! The great thing about an elopement is that because you're with such a small group (less than 10 people if you include any guests at all) your location options are wide open. You don't have to relegate yourself to city hall. The couple pictured above chose to have their ceremony with their parents in the church, then we went and explored the nearby Waveny Park for some gorgeous portraits. Other great locations include some of Connecticut's amazing state parks, like Valley Falls or Talcott Mountain State Park for the extra adventurous.

Where to have your micro-wedding

Obviously, more traditional wedding venues are out since they often have a minimum headcount requirement. This is your opportunity to get a little more creative with planning your wedding. You can host your micro-wedding at an inn, like the Copper Beech Inn, the Red Lion Inn in Stockbridge MA, or the Interlaken Inn. These places are nestled in beautiful locations and specifically cater to smaller weddings. Another great choice for a micro-wedding is your own backyard or a really cool AirBNB!

It is important to remember that choosing to elope or have a micro-wedding does not mean that you are giving something up.

All of my couples that have chosen to have an intimate micro-wedding wedding or elope have said that it was 100% the best wedding experience they could have asked for. Smaller weddings means less stress, more time to focus on your partner and the guests you do choose to include and the moments of the day. And most importantly you can still do all the things you would do at a conventional wedding that attract you, like having decadent flowers, a fun cake, and dressing up. And you can use the money you're saving on a massive ballroom and catering bill to maybe splurge a little in other areas. For example, instead of paying $150+ plate fee per couple for them to attend your wedding and maybe only talk to them for five minutes as you make the rounds during dinner, you could use that money to have a gorgeous short magazine album created of the photos from your elopement or micro-wedding and send it to each couple you would have invited so they have a permanent keepsake from your wedding day (this is definitely something I can do).

If you need help adjusting your current wedding plans or creating a totally new elopement or micro-wedding planning because you just got engaged (wooo!) please reach out to me because small, intimate weddings are my favorite kind and I would love to help you bring your wedding dreams to reality. ❤ Emma

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