Red Lion Inn Wedding | Stockbridge Massachusetts

Updated: May 19

Kristen & Patrick's intimate micro-wedding at the Red Lion Inn in Stockbridge, Massachusetts was filled with gorgeous southwest-inspired details and amazing moments that one can only achieve from a micro-wedding. Read on for inspiration when planning your intimate wedding day!

wedding couple at the Red Lion Inn in Stockbridge Massachusetts

Something that I really appreciated about Kristen & Patrick's wedding day was how much they recognized that even though they were keeping their day small, they still wanted it documented in photos with the same care and ritual that larger weddings are photographed. Together, we developed a timeline that would allow me to capture the entire story of their wedding day from start to finish.

The day started with Patrick getting ready in his suite at the Red Lion Inn. Something that was really important to him and Kristen was making sure we included his everyday hat in the photos of his wedding day details because he wears it EVERY DAY. So even though he wouldn't be wearing it while getting married, it could still be a part of the wedding day since it's such a big part of his personality.

One of the other unique details that Patrick incorporated into his wedding day look was wearing a bolero tie instead of a conventional tie. Kristen and Patrick both have strong ties to the southwest, so turquoise and other southwest-inspired details abounded throughout their wedding day, like in their wedding rings and the wedding flowers.

turquoise wedding rings inside a southwest-inspired wedding bouquet

After I had finished capturing Patrick getting ready for the wedding, it was time for me to visit Kristen and her family preparing for the big day. Because they did not have a wedding party, both Kristen and Patrick spent quality time getting ready with their families before the ceremony.

The reason that Kristen and Patrick chose the Red Lion Inn in Stockbridge for their wedding is because Kristen's family used to vacation there often when she was young, so it holds a sentimental place in her heart. Her father owns a classic Ford Model A car that he brought up special for the wedding for as well.

Classic Ford Model A at a wedding

After a brief First Look with Kristen's father at the Model A, it was time for the ceremony, which was held inside one of the Inn's private salons. Kristen and Patrick opted to have a harpist for their ceremony and it was officiated by a long-standing friend of the family.

Because there were so few people in attendance at the wedding, it was really important to Kristen and Patrick that we capture a photo with all of their guests. So after the ceremony before everyone was ushered to cocktail hour we went out to the front steps of the Inn for one large group photo.

large group photo of all the guests of an intimate wedding at the Red Lion Inn in Stockbridge MA

Once all the group family photos were complete, Kristen and Patrick spent some time exploring inside the Inn and around town for some romantic couple's portraits before their reception.

Finally, it was time to mingle with guests for the rest of the evening during their dinner reception. The reception opened with some toasts before the dinner, and for dessert Kristen and Patrick had a cake baked by Patrick's aunt and decorated with pattern to match Kristen's dress lace and adorned with succulents for the southwest flair. Guests also received succulents in hand painted terracotta pots as their place cards and wedding favors.

Kristen and Patrick's wedding day was amazing, and perfect proof of how an intimate wedding day can be just as beautiful, significant and memorable as a big wedding day.

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