Stephanie & Dave's Fun Winter Tree Farm Engagement Session | Prospect CT

Updated: Jan 23, 2020

I love winter engagement sessions, but I very rarely get to do them. So when Stephanie and Dave said that they wanted to try and aim for doing their session in an actual snowfall, I was fully on board with that plan. Unfortunately, some conflicting schedules, deadlines for save-the-dates and the weather didn't quite align for a snowfall session. But we did get to enjoy some snowy weather, (and hilariously slippery moments on ice!) on Dave's family tree-farm in Prospect, CT.

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We started our session on the back deck of Dave's grandfather's house, where there's a simply gorgeous view overlooking the tree farm with Meriden mountain and Craig's Tower in the distance. Not going to lie, I could never get tired of that kind of a view.

After our sightseeing on the porch was complete, we decided to head down into the trees on the farm for the rest of our session. The area with the most snow on the ground was also the most icy, so there were some interesting moments when we were all sliding and falling trying to take these photos. But in my opinion, 100% worth it.

P.S. Can I just say how much I love that Steph & Dave are wearing matching boots and that they #nailedit with the color coordination?

Once we were done punishing ourselves with treacherous icy snow, we moved down the hill to the bottom of the farm where the trees are taller. We played a little bit with the sunlight (which it's not secret is one of my favorite things to do), and I was able to convince Steph and Dave to sit in the wet grass and make-out a little bit for my camera for some gorgeous faux-field shots. We should all find someone willing to sit in the wet grass with us for some kisses and not care at all that their bum is getting wet.

It was at this point that Dave was all, "Maybe we should walk down to the pond..." There's a pond?! Why wouldn't you mention that earlier? So we decided to head down that way, with a quick stop for a game near the stone wall and enormous fir trees that line the farm. It was at this point that we discovered Dave might have a goldfish memory. After I gave him the instructions for the little trick we were going to play on Steph, I walked literally ten steps to turn around and find Dave with a blank look on his face before it dawned on him "Oh yeah! I'm supposed to do something!" LOL. It all worked out, but that was definitely one of the memorable highlights of hilarity from our session together.

Once we reached the pond, it was a beautiful setting with the gorgeous raised path between trees. It was like something out of Narnia.

We decided to end our session on one of the large boulders on the property just as the sun was setting. We played another fun game that involved whispers and a zuchinni (credit goes to Dave for the zuchinni), which of course got some great laughs out of both of them.

This was such a great session with so many laughs and stories. I am so excited for their wedding in October! It's sure to be a blast given the great time we had for their engagement session and the adventurous spirit of these two.

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