Top 3 Locations for Engagement Photos in CT

Updated: Jul 3

There's no doubt that having your engagement photos in Connecticut is freaking awesome because our state has hands-down some of the most amazing and beautiful scenery to offer. We live in the heart of New England, after all. But a lot of the time when it comes to scheduling the engagement session my clients end up asking me where we should go because they actually have no clue. I have a lot of favorite spots for different seasons and reasons, but these three CT locations are my absolute favorite and each one has something unique to offer.

1. Valley Falls Park - Vernon, CT

Valley Falls Park in Vernon has become my number one spot for engagement photography in CT. This spot has it all: water features, wooded trails, fields, and a Christmas tree farm! It has become my most requested location and it's easy to see why. Plus, at each of these sessions I was able to different things with each couple because Valley Falls is so expansive and has so much to offer in terms of scenic variety. As an added bonus, this location is an excellent one for winter sessions since not all the areas we use for photos are foliage-dependent. Two of the sessions featured above were taken well past peak season, with one being just days before Christmas!

2. Kent Falls State Park - Kent, CT

I love Kent Falls. I grew up in Brookfield and once I had my own car there was a period where I would come here any day I could after school and hike the falls. This was my special spot and is still one of my most favorite places. It looks a lot different now than it did way back when I used to go there, but that just makes it even more amazing for your engagement photography. It has a fabulous red covered bridge at the entrance to the park which goes over the picturesque brook. At the base of the falls, there is a huge stone patio area with stone walls and stairs leading up to the hiking stairs and path to the rest of the thirteen falls. And oh yeah, there are thirteen different waterfalls for backdrops with multiple outlook points on the hiking path to stop and take them in. On the other side of the falls, there's a small copse of woods where lovers have been carving their initials in the trees for decades, too, which I think is kind of magical.

3. Heublein Tower - Simsbury, CT

There are three reasons that this location makes my top three list. The first is the stunning views you can get. You're walking on the top of a ridge with some pretty vertical cliff-faces in some spots, so the outlooks are incredible! The second reason is because of the amazing architecture of the Tower. Not many locations I go to have architectural elements that we can incorporate, but this one does and it has a lot of unique style and charm. The third reason is because no one ever chooses this location (except Roni & Nate). It's a bit of a grueling hike at the very beginning and it takes us a lot longer than a normal engagement session does to complete the entire hike up and back with time for photos, but it is 1000% worth it. I don't really know of any other location in Connecticut that can offer these kinds of views and the other unique features all rolled into one location. So if you're a couple that likes to hike, this is definitely your spot.

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