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Updated: Jan 14, 2020

Whenever I find out I'm going to be working with Jim, owner of Collins Entertainment my heart does a little happy dance. Literally it does because I know I will be doing a lot of happy dancing at the wedding we're working together! I worked one of my first ever weddings with Jim and for that reason alone he has a special spot in my vendor referral list, but he is also a very passionate and talented DJ and emcee. So, without further ado, let's learn a little more about what makes Jim so awesome at what he does.

Sarah & Matt opted to be introduced with "The Final Countdown" by Europe that got everybody feeling pumped!

I asked Jim how long he has been a DJ and if it was always for weddings. His answer is pretty rad: "Music is in my blood. I have been a professional vocalist since the age of 15. In 2010, I took over a Wednesday karaoke night at Shea’s Bar and Grille in Manchester, CT. Another karaoke jockey was busy with weddings, so I filled in for him. I was intrigued by what he did and asked if I could work alongside him at a wedding to learn about DJing. After 6 weddings, I was was inspired to start my own business and it became Collins Entertainment. I started the company alone in 2012 and did many types of events such as corporate parties and private parties. The primary focus was and still is wedding celebrations."

Since then Collins Entertainment has expanded. Jim now has a team of 4 amazingly talented DJs that couples can choose from to come and keep the party hopping at their wedding. Alongside being able to serve multiple couples for the same day, Collins Entertainment also serves all of New England, with most of their weddings happening in Connecticut and Massachusetts.

At this wedding both Sarah & Matt opted for more upbeat songs for their parents dances!

I asked Jim if he has a favorite genre of music and why he loves music so much: "Music is simply a part of who I am! It triggers so many memories in life and is powerful. People react emotionally to music. There is nothing better than that! I love all genres of music and keep up to date with current hits. It’s a daily routine for me to listen to Spotify’s top 50 viral and I have music subscriptions for songs that haven’t even hit the radio or billboard charts yet, so I can learn the music and introduce to wedding guests at events!"

That passion and dedication is definitely evident when I'm working with Jim. I'm on the dance floor a lot at weddings and every time I happen to glance over at Jim he's either bopping along with me and the guests or he's got a headset on and a concentrated look on his face as he's crafting the next 15 minute set of music for the dance floor. Jim knows how to read the room and keep even a relatively subdued crowd out on the floor and having a great time!

Collins Entertainment's 250+ reviews back up that awesomeness, too! Customer service is definitely something that sets Jim and his team apart from other DJs out there. Couples have two planning meetings before their wedding to go over unique ideas that they can incorporate into their wedding and make it truly their own, whether it’s their music selections, creating a special moment for a family member, or having personalized introductions. There are no limitations to how creative Jim can get with couples! Which is awesome because music isn't the only thing they've got on the menu. Collins Entertainment pricing starts at $995 and can vary depending on if you want to add wedding planning, lighting and photo booth services.

I asked Jim what his most critical piece of advice is for couples when considering their DJ:

Make sure it’s a great fit and that you meet with the person who will be potentially representing you and your family on a live microphone. Don’t leave it to chance in giving a live microphone to a stranger.

This is why Jim and I work so well together, I think. We're both about authenticity and personality vibing. If you're still looking for a DJ for your big day, be sure to check out Jim and his crew over at Collins Entertainment!

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