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Updated: Aug 2

Your wedding day is an important chapter in the love story between you and your partner. Arguably the ceremony and people in attendance are the most important factors of the day, but this blog post is about how the details you choose to include in your wedding day can help accent and tell the story of your day with wedding details pictures. These details can range from being symbolic of the couple and their shared memories to being deeply personal and sentimental to each person getting married. No matter what, the more thought and care you put into choosing your details, the more unique your wedding will be.

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Why do you need wedding details pictures?

Lots of couples feel like having these photos is not that important to them. But I will say that 100% of the couples who chose to have an album printed included some of the wedding details photos in it. This is because couples put a lot of time and energy into picking what they'll wear or how they'll decorate for their wedding. They LOVE the styling and details that make the day truly theirs. More often than note, many of the wedding day details are there only for that day, so the wedding details pictures capture their presence and significance forever.

For me, as a photographer, wedding details pictures are like an alternative portrait of the person who will wear them or the couple who designed and styled the space. This is because they've chosen things that represent a portion of their personality or their relationship.

Moreover, the importance of these details is the same whether you have 10 or 100 guests, or you elope with just the two of you. In my opinion, every couple should set time aside with their photographer to capture these photos.
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Types of wedding details

Jewelry is one of the most common details that both brides and grooms think about when it comes to planning the details of their wedding day. Aside from the wedding band set, that was carefully chosen to reflect personal tastes, brides and grooms must choose what other jewelry the might (or might not!) wear for their big day. For ladies this can include necklaces, bracelets, earrings and other rings. For gents the jewelry is more akin to cuff links, watches, or tie-pins or clips. Some of my favorite moments are photographing the details of jewelry pieces that couples have given to each other as a wedding gift. So the wedding day is the first time the piece is worn and will always spark memories of the wedding when it's worn in the future.

Scent plays an important part in building and calling up memories. That's why many couples choose to wear a perfume or cologne specifically for their wedding day, so that each time they or their partner smell it the memory of the day will be recalled for them. Some couples even choose to get the matching men's and women's scents of a perfumer's line.

In addition to the details you wear, there are the ones you carry with you. Ladies often incorporate something significant on their bouquets, such as photo-charms of passed loved ones or special totems in honor of their memory.

Another way to use wedding details pictures to accentuate the story of your wedding day is with the choices you make for your reception. This can be from choosing a totally unique cake-topper, to customized lawn games, to the wedding favors you provide for your guests. I have a guitar pick favor from one wedding that always reminds me of when one of the bride's relatives conspired with the DJ to perform a Beatles song for them and half the reception joined in on the act because both sides of the newly formed family were very musical.

There are a whole host of ways and a plethora of stories I could tell about how one could incorporate personal tastes into their wedding details to make the day truly unique. I hope what I've shown here has inspired some of you readers to start thinking about the personal touches you'll put on your own day, or has gotten you even more excited about the decisions you've already made in that regard. Drop a comment below to tell me about a special detail you'll have for your wedding coming up or for your wedding you've already had!

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