Where to Print Wedding Invitations: Basic Invite

Updated: Jul 22, 2020

Planning your wedding is stressful enough, wouldn't it be easy if you knew exactly where to print wedding invitations easily and affordably? Which brings me to one of my favorite wedding vendor partners: Basic Invite.

Basic Invite offers a huge variety of save-the-date, wedding invitation, thank you cards and holiday cards on their website. Their pre-designed templates are nearly endless and customizable. You can choose color themes, alter text and font, and add your own images, really making the design your own.

Before I committed to being a partner, I was able to create a few samples to test out their design process and scope out their quality, and I have to say, I was impressed.

One of the first samples I made was this two-sided wedding invitation in a really modern look. I loved that the front could really highlight the image while still having some of the pertinent information necessary for the wedding. Meanwhile, the back side of the invitation had matching graphic elements and a lot more room to add important text about your wedding day. Best of all, Basic Invite has a whole slew of color-coordinating envelopes and they can create these special printed liners, giving your guests a peek at what's inside the envelope and getting them excited. Bonus: all the envelopes are self-sealing, to no need to paper-cut your tongue to death or use a damp sponge.

The next invitation I designed is probably my favorite. All these elements came inside a special trifold envelope (inside a regular envelope for mailing). The invitation itself is a double-sided invitation with lots of image options and room for the basic info. Then the pocket on the right side of the trifold holds additional cards for the RSVP, hotel, registry information, and more! As a paper-crafter and bookmaker on the side, this invitation style immediately struck my fancy.

The next sample I want to highlight is the foil-embossed postcard save-the-date. I normally don't go in for foil, but I know a lot of people love the look, so I felt it was my responsibility to check it out. I was pleasantly surprised. The foil has clean edges, isn't flaky and has a slightly raised surface giving the card some dimension and texture. I actually liked it so much that I ordered my holiday cards with foil. **Gasp!** The other cool thing about the postcard save-the-date was that it can either be used like a regular postcard or mailed in an included envelope. Also neat about envelopes from Basic Invite is that you can have them pre-printed with your return address, and you can import an address book of your recipients and have their names and addresses printed on the envelopes as well.

One of the best things about Basic Invite is that as a partner, I'm able to offer 20% off to my clients (or you, dear reader, even if you aren't a client). With all their options for customization from color to font and more, you really can't go wrong with BasicInvite.com for your wedding invitation suite!

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