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Wedding Photography in CT


Taking wedding portraits is one of the most coveted parts of the wedding day because it captures you with the people who are the most important to you: your family and close friends. Together we'll create unique wedding photos that capture your personalities and the spirit of the wedding that you designed. Whether you opt for more traditionally posed images or are ready to get goofy, having fun with your loved ones is a must. 

Then there is the time spent with your partner for the couple's portraits. Portrait wedding photography in CT is my favorite thing because of all the beautiful seasons and scenery I get to explore and incorporate into your photos! This is where you and your new spouse get to have a little bit of alone time and bask in the fact that it’s your wedding day. I like to do a mix of candid and posed, but I pretty much always ask my couples to please just be in love and feel free to make out!

With so many amazing amazing choices for CT wedding photographers, you are probably wondering how do you know which one is the best one to document the most precious part of your wedding? The ceremony is the most important and anticipated moment of your day. Whether you opt for religious or secular, traditional or wildly offbeat, the ceremony is where you exchange vows of fidelity that represent the love that is unique to you and your partner in front of the most important people in your lives: your family and friends. 

As a photojournalist, the sanctity of your ceremony is incredibly important to me. I try to be as unobtrusive as possible while still capturing the moment as authentically and fully as possible. Throughout the wedding ceremony, I'll be carefully documenting the smiles, tears and tender moments of the day. One of my favorite joys of being a wedding photographer in Connecticut is getting to witness the many ways people choose to fashion a ceremony that incorporates their faith and personal interests. I am just as comfortable photographing your agnostic and eclectic 15-minute garden ceremony as I am your deeply religious, full-length ceremony in a house of worship. 


Wedding Ceremonies - Reflecting your Love your Way

Wedding Details - Adding a Personal Touch

You put a lot of thought into choosing those wedding favors and selecting the perfect flowers for your bridal bouquet, so those decisions deserve to be immortalized in your wedding photos. From capturing the details of your wedding rings and accessories to showing off the unique style of your chosen wedding venue with your personal touches added, I'll be photographing all of it to help tell the story of your wedding and show off your personality as a couple!


Love What You See?

If you want your wedding photos to look as gorgeous as these ones do, reach out to me here and let's get a conversation going about how I can help you have the #bestdayever! 

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