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Intimate Wedding Photographer

What does that mean, exactly?

  • It's about having a bespoke wedding experience and not the prefab kind that large, traditional wedding venue copy-and-pastes 3+ times a weekend.

  • It's about choosing meaning and memories over trivial wedding day formalities and customs that create stress.

  • It's about deciding to spend your wedding budget on the things you truly value and that represent you instead of spending it on the homogenous needs and wants of 100+ guests.

  • It's about saying that you actually want to experience and remember your wedding day instead of being shuffled through it in a blur as it passes you by.

  • It's about saying "yes" to yourself instead of the dozen people telling you what they think your wedding day should be. 

If you're ready to say #nomoremanufacturedweddings and say yes to the bespoke wedding of your dreams, then I am the intimate wedding photographer for you! Scroll on and click around to discover more about why I love intimate weddings, how I can best capture you on your wedding day, and more about what makes me tick. 

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My goal as your intimate wedding photographer is to work with you to capture your personality effortlessly in the photos we create together, whether that's at your "just us" elopement, your 10 guest micro-wedding, or your 75 guest backyard wedding. 

I want to tell the story of your wedding day as you experienced it. You should look back on your photos in five, ten, or thirty years and feel the memories as vividly as the day you created them. 

Intimate Wedding Photographer

I'm an intimate wedding photographer based out of New Britain, CT and serving all of New England. Being photographed is one of the most vulnerable things you can do, and I respect that fact by building a relationship of trust before ever clicking the shutter. If you're going to ask me to photograph one of the most significant moments of your life, it's important that you know you've entrusted that task to the right person with whom you vibe well! Click the images below to see some of the ways I've capture authentic love on an intimate wedding day. 






"I will risk Lyme disease, fatal falls, and venomous snakes for you!"

But seriously, I am all about the next adventure and I love to explore the outdoors and push my limits as an artist to document your wedding day. Squatting in the mud, wading in water, hiking up mountains and perching on rocky outcrops are all just part of the gig as an intimate wedding photographer in New England. 

Some of my favorite places to photograph my clients are state forests and trails, so I'm no stranger to the outdoors, getting messy and just appreciating the natural, untamed beauty of our world.  

If you're already thinking "we might be best friends" then head on over to my About Me page to learn more about who I am or my Values page to learn what I stand for. 

"We loved working with Emma to shoot our engagement photos as well as our wedding! Her pictures are beautiful as well as affordable, and she has such an easy manner behind the camera - she makes you almost forget you’re being photographed, which was great as I was a little camera shy! She even pitched in and helped my groom and his groomsman with their bouts and just overall made our big day run so smoothly, and we are in love with every single picture she took!"

- Janna & Sam

"Emma was absolutely amazing! She photographed our engagement photos and our wedding. She completely captured our essence, professional, friendly, and an overall pleasure to work with! She is extremely talented and we have always been over the moon with her work. She also made herself available to us and was flexible with meeting our needs. Overall she was a dream to work with and we are so glad she captured not only our engagement photos, but our wedding photos as well."

- Kaylah & Alex

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