Hey there, I'm Emma! I am your small wedding photographer and specialist! I photograph and assist with planning elopements, micro-weddings and other small weddings across Connecticut and New England.

What makes a wedding a small intimate wedding? It's not always about the guest count, but in general, I focus on weddings with 100 guests or less. For me, a small wedding is more about the atmosphere a couple is setting for the biggest day of their lives, from the venue they choose to the activities they plan to all the little details that make the day theirs. And my goal as a small wedding photographer is to help them make that vision a reality.

I have an extensive knowledge of possible venues and locations for micro-weddings and elopements in Connecticut, and I'm expanding my knowledge base out to greater New England. I also have a wide knowledge of vendors who can help meet the unique needs that small wedding clients have, making me the ideal team member for planning your big day. Contact me now and let's get a conversation going about your wedding! 


Meet your small wedding photographer

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In case you can't tell by these photos, I'm loud. I am actually loud with my voice (I lost my inside voice in an accident) but I'm also a big personality. I have always been very confident in who I am and what I believe in, so I'm a tough nut to crack in terms of being shaken by stress, which makes me a great wedding photographer (if I do say so myself, and my clients do, too). 

I also believe that love knows no bounds when it comes to color or gender and I am a big supporter of LGBTQ marriage rights and I am ENM friendly. Reach out to schedule your free consultation and let's chat about your wedding, engagement or portrait session!

I have an amazing life partner, CJ, who I met when we were 12 and in the same homeroom for middle school. But we didn't start dating until our late twenties after many years apart. Now we have a home together, our adorable tiny tyrant who we call Charlotte, and a cute dog named Bernie Spaniel! 


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The pink lines are all the major road trips I've undertaken as the driver, but is not an exhaustive list of all the roadtrips I've been on. 

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