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Elopements are my Fave!

Eloping provides an opportunity for couples to be totally themselves, free from the stress and pressures that come with a conventionally large wedding. Everyone should feel beautiful, confident and free to express themselves everyday, but especially so on their wedding day, and I strive to create a meaningful experience for my clients that is inspired by their unique personality and style. As a New England elopement photographer, I'm here to be a team member and advocate for my clients' wedding vision, giving them the tools, knowledge and confidence to create a wedding day that truly reflects who they are and their values.


Couple eloping in New England woods

Why Elope in New England?


Meet your New England elopement photographer

Hey there, I'm Emma! But you can just call me "your gal Friday" for New England elopements. 

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Passion in Spades

I'm known for doing the unexpected, launching into a new project with my whole heart, and being unabashedly indulgent in what other people call "guilty pleasures."

Being an elopement photographer is the merging of so many of my passions: art, nature, and a deep reverence for love. Reach out to me now and let's start planning your adventure!

Your Ultimate Adventure Buddy

Yep, that's me! I am an awesome road-tripper, but that's not the only thing that makes me your ultimate adventure buddy. 

That comes from years of experience hiking trails, reading (paper) topo maps, scouting locations, and feeling excited about accomplishing something big!

The thing makes me your best choice for an elopement photographer is that I'm just as stoked about your wedding as you! I take time to get to know you and your values, and I come prepared to help you find the ideal elopement location and vendor team.


Hiring me means you get all of my knowledge and expertise about timelines, working with the weather, and all the plans A, B & Beyond. There is no one right way to have a wedding day so let's make your day truly reflect YOU. 


Maybe you have some questions...

Can our elopement include family and friends?

New England elopement on rocks YES! This day is to be 100% authentically about you. I can help you design an elopement that reflects who you are and includes you VIPs. I will say that off-the-beaten-path elopements work best with less than 15 people and it's important to consider the phyiscal abilities and limitations of your guests when designing your day. If you want to include more than 15 people, consider a micro-wedding!

Do we have to go hiking up a mountain?

NO! If your elopement is 100% about representing who you are, maybe that means renting a beachside cottage and saying your vows among the dunes. Maybe it means getting ice cream and taking a stroll downtown. Beautiful elopements can happen anywhere, like this one in their own living room. in home elopement One thing that we'll do when you hire me is have a deep discovery call to begin brainstorming your #bestdayever ideas. I'm going to really get to know you and what your interests are and from there I can make suggestions for locations and activities.

How much time should we plan for our elopement day?

I totally recommend a full day of coverage because then I can capture your complete elopement story with whatever timeline we plan. Just because you are eloping does not mean your day isn't deserving of the same kind of capture and care from your photographer as a big wedding takes for granted. elopement couple standing in a stream Each moment of your elopement day is going to feel much more significant because it's only being experienced by a few select people, so the photos documenting it are much more valuable. But I also totally get being on a budget which is why I have three different elopement day packages.

How many photographers will be there?

For an elopement day I like to fly solo as much as possible. This is because your elopement day is sacred, and it's an honor and a privilege for me to be there if you aren't including any of your life's VIPs. So I try to keep the day limited to only the essential people. behind the scenes elopement photographer Depending on the nature of your elopement I may suggest adding on a second photographer to go with us if I feel like the location/activities demand it.

What if it's raining on my elopement day?

We host your elopement rain or shine. I try to always have a plan B in the works in the case of really terrible weather, but if it's a light rain or a passing storm we'll be out there making you look like you just came from the set of The Notebook. elopement in the rain Side bar: this is also the benefit of booking a sweet AirBnB or VRBO for your elopement stay. In the case of bad weather we have somewhere cool that we can take over for indoor lifestyle photos.

How many elopements do you do per year?

Less than 20 I put a lot of time and energy into researching and planning my couple's elopements with them, as well as all the photography work after the big day. Because of that I only take on a select few clients per year so that I can devote my attention to my couples and their wedding the way they deserve.

New England Elopement Packages


The Complete Elopement Experience

My time and talent for whatever timeline we determine is needed for the elopement day of your dreams.  Anywhere in New England - no travel fees.

Bespoke Planning Assistance

I will be researching special locations and scouting them for you, as well as researching the other vendors you might need and coordinating with them. You will also have full access to all three of my elopement planning guides - Location, Vendors & Ideas. Think of me as your total elopement guide: planning + photos.

Legalize it!

I can legalize your marriage if you would like. You also have the option to secure your own officiant. 

beautiful heirlooms

This package includes an 8x8in 20-page archival lay flat album and 50 beautiful "We Eloped!" announcement cards to send to friends and family.  


Let's Do This!